Hélène Baril is a Parisian based artist. She has exhibited in venues in France, Finland, Switzerland, the United States, Colombia and Poland. She works with various media, including drawing, painting and writing. Her paintings depict fragmented stories inspired by comics and science fiction, associated with her research in situated knowledges and interspecies relationships such as developed in the work of Donna Haraway in the US, Vinciane Despret in Belgium.

After starting her career in Finland where she presented her first solo show in 2013 at Äkkigalleria (Jyväskylä), she worked as an artist in residence in numerous places, such as Saint Louis (Paul Artspace, MO, USA) and Medellin (Campos de Gutierrez, Colombia).

Her collaborative works have been presented at locations such as WIELS (Brussels), Cooper Union (NYC) and Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart). In Paris, she works with The Cheapest University, a free and experimental artist-run academy.

2Oth Century Picture

20th century picture, aquarelles sur papier, 21 x 29,7 cm, 2011


Morris Louis in Lancia HF
Jasper Johns in Porsche 936
Pablo Picasso in Autobianchi A112 Abarth  
Robert Motherwell in Porsche 911 SC
Mark Rothko in Lancia 037
Barnett Newman in Lancia LC1
Piet Mondrian in Delage D6-70
Willem de Kooning in Porsche 917-30
Jackson Pollock in Porsche Carrera RSR