Hélène Baril is a Parisian based artist. After getting an MA in literature, she quit her job teaching French to study art. In Finland, she started developing a narrative involving racecars as characters. She is working with various media, including drawing, painting and writing. Her experimental approach is based on her interest in posthumanities, science fiction and new narratives. Hélène Baril has exhibited in venues in France, Finland, Switzerland, the United States and Colombia. Her collaborative works have been presented at locations such as WIELS (Brussels), Cooper Union (NYC) and Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart).

It is two o'clock every day

An installation creating the imaginary of Melquiades's instruments. An endeavor to represent instruments of imagination used by literature - in that case, Garcia Marquez' novel 100 years of solitude.
Campos de Gutierrez, Medellin, Colombia, 2015
photo credit © Andrés Montaño