Hélène Baril is a Parisian based artist. She has exhibited in venues in France, Finland, Switzerland, the United States, Colombia and Poland. She works with various media, including drawing, painting and writing. Her paintings depict fragmented stories inspired by comics and science fiction, associated with her research in situated knowledges and interspecies relationships such as developed in the work of Donna Haraway in the US, Vinciane Despret in Belgium.

After starting her career in Finland where she presented her first solo show in 2013 at Äkkigalleria (Jyväskylä), she worked as an artist in residence in numerous places, such as Saint Louis (Paul Artspace, MO, USA) and Medellin (Campos de Gutierrez, Colombia).

Her collaborative works have been presented at locations such as WIELS (Brussels), Cooper Union (NYC) and Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart). In Paris, she works with The Cheapest University, a free and experimental artist-run academy.

Past and upcoming events


Time is an electronic river
poem published in "After the Flood", invitation by Greg Edmondson and Stubborn Mule Press
Février 2019

The Camille stories
versions d'un projet harawayien


Launching of How to become a soft corpse recomposed in light fabric, 
magazine, Donna Quixote Press, @Koffie&Ambacht, Rotterdam, November 2018

EAAPES reader #2, December 2018
Translation project with Charlotte Houette et Clara Pacotte

La Salle de Bains, The Cheapest University, Pleasure of Missing Out, Lyon, du 25 septembre au 4 octobre 2018 - Making Babies Butterlflies, a workshop on Donna Haraway

Launching of How to become a soft corpse recomposed in light fabric, 
magazine, Donna Quixote Press, DUUU radio, la Villette, Paris, 21 septembre 2018

Featuring in paul artspace 5 years, gallery 210 at the university of Saint Louis, Missouri

Solo exhibition, Stroboskop, Warsaw, Poland

Treignac Projet
writing & reading workshop: how to become a soft corpse recomposed in light fabric
Hélène Baril, Mélanie Blaison, Maxime Bichon, Madison Bycroft, Claire Finch, Rona Lorimer, Julie Sas, sabrina soyer, Sophie T.Lvoff
June 26 - July 1

featuring artist for gallery Exhi

Publications: EEAPES - Oparo - DQ Press
March 2018

Drawings and texts featuring in the Ass Book Fair, Palais de Tokyo, with Cave Club, EAAPES, The Cheapest University, Oparo, 16-18 mars 2018

Collaboration with Travis Janssen featuring in Past & Present, February 5th - February 28th 2018, Corridor Gallery, Carbondale, IL (group show)

Featuring in Make8elieve #12

Launching and reading of How to Become #1, 
 ENSBA Lyon, November 2017

October 2017, New Orleans
Member of Summer Acceptance collective

Featuring in How to become a Body Double
DQ Press, The Cheapest University, #1, Septembre 2017
Launching and Reading at Carreau du Temple, Paris

Participation au lancement de How to Become a Lesbian
directeur de publication Sabrina Soyer,
DQ Press, The Cheapest University, #0, Décembre 2016

After Cheese Comes Nothing
with Charlotte Houette
Villa Belleville, Paris,  17 Juillet - 31 Août 2016

Saint Louis, MO
September/ October 2015

Artist in residency

a project by
Georgia Kotretsos & Carolina Trigo
Marpissa, Paros, Greece
July 1st - 30th 2015

Arbol de Papa,  exhibition curated by Andrés F Monzon
Hélène Baril, Maude Arès, David Preddy, Guim Camps
Campos de Gutierrez, Medellin, Colombia

artist in residency at Campos de Gutierrez, Medellin, Colombia May 15 - July 2015

Visiting Artist Lecture

You are the last of the Cadillac, Show at Museum Blue, Saint Louis, Missouri

artist in residency in Paul Artspace, Saint Louis, Missouri - January and February 2015